Manly Men of the Bible Small Group Studies

BRAND NEW RESOURCE: Manly Men of the Bible: A 13-Lesson Bible Study for Small Groups

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Welcome to "Manly Men of the Bible: A 13-Lesson Study," a journey exploring the lives, lessons, and legacies of thirteen remarkable men from the Scriptures. This study is designed to inspire and challenge men (and women) to grow in their faith, character, and leadership, following the examples set by these biblical heroes.

Each of the thirteen lessons focuses on a different manly man from the Bible, diving into his story and the qualities that set him apart. Here's a brief overview of what to expect in each part of the study:

  1. Introduction: We begin with an introduction to the manly man of the week, highlighting his key traits and actions that exemplify strength, courage, faith, and leadership.

  2. Read the Scripture: The text for each study is provided from the World English Bible, offering a direct encounter with the biblical narrative and the man's life.

  3. Group Discussion Questions: A set of ten questions facilitates group discussion and reflection on the biblical passage, drawing out practical applications of the manly man's traits and actions.

  4. Reflection: Emulating (Each Man's) Qualities: This section offers personal reflection prompts to consider how participants can emulate the manly man's qualities in their own lives, either together as a group or individually.

  5. Group Prayer: Following (Each Man's) Example: The group prayer focuses on asking God for the strength, courage, and faith to follow the example of the manly man studied.

  6. Takeaway Challenge: Each lesson concludes with a practical challenge for the week, encouraging participants to apply one specific lesson from the study in their daily lives.

Through this study, participants will gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a man of God, drawing inspiration from the lives of Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Joshua, David, Elijah, Nehemiah, Job, Daniel, John the Baptist, Peter, Stephen and Paul. Join us on this journey to discover the timeless truths and enduring qualities of these manly men of the Bible.

Order a Copy here for each member of your study group!